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“I have been doing Krav Maga for about 6 months now, and I can’t believe how much I like it!
I love crime shows: Criminal Minds, NCIS, etc, but was scaring myself silly, and decided that I had to learn to defend myself so I could continue to watch these shows and sleep at night. 🙂 I found Shlomi’s studio on Groupon, and once I took my two hour self-defense seminar, I was hooked! I am now going 3 days a week and working on overcoming my mental fears and physical limitations.
Shlomi’s classes are always challenging (think hot, sweaty and sore muscles), and you never get bored as he constantly switches up the classes.
Thanks, Shlomi, for being such a good trainer!”
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“To my amazement, after a few sessions, my daughter said to me, “Dad, I think I have found my sport”. The lessons are very practical, teaching them how to defend against various situations, including weapons, sticks and ground work/grappling. She has actually asked me to join more classes, so now she’s in a teen Krav class that she also loves…”
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“I’m never bored when I come to class, there is always something new to learn. He has developed a good environment where we can all train in a respectful manner while still having fun. You don’t see people getting injured sparring because there aren’t any ‘tough guys’ in the class headhunting for knockouts. All the sparring is safe and controlled…”
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Krav Maga Student

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