Lotar Krav Maga

In this class you will train the same way Special Forces train in Krav Maga and learn their unique hand-to-hand combat methods.

Lotar Krav Maga Program derived from the Counter Terror Lotar Special Unit IDF. Lotar in Hebrew is an acronym of “Anti Terror Fighting Unit”. Lotar Krav Maga is the unique Military Krav Maga that is used by the Israeli Elite Forces when in combat.

The set of drills and exercises combines Full Contact Krav Maga with Asian Martial Art techniques in order to improve fighting abilities and to handle more complicated scenarios. Shlomi Katz served as a fighter in the counter terror unit and as the Head of Krav Maga & Fighting Trainings in the “Lotar” – The Counter Terror school of IDF. Shlomi was member of the military committee that redefined Krav Maga programs for the Elite Forces.

This field experience is very important in understanding real life situations, sorting techniques that really work and refining techniques after studding real life situation Training includes intense workout and sparring sessions to increase all areas of physical strength, agility and endurance. The goal of this advanced program is to create all rounded fighters.

In this program, students will train and learn advanced Krav Maga and MMA skills. Sparring gear is required. Krav Maga Green belt is required to join Lotar classes.

lotar krav maga
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