Krav Maga

In this class you will learn self-defense and practical street fighting skills and you will be able to protect yourself in any real world street-fighting situation.

Regardless of how big or strong your opponent may be, you are going to take him down! In this class, you learn all about self-defense and street fighting. You will practice attacking from any range and defending and countering any street-fighting situation. You will learn to use the most efficient techniques and you’ll be trained to focus and attack weakness points in order to face any attacker in any situation.

You will also learn and practice self-defense and practical street-fighting skills which will become your enhanced instincts in real time-attacks. In the Krav Maga – Self Defense Program, students will learn the basic theory of Krav Maga and the skills of self defense. The goal of this program is to help advance your knowledge and actions in common street attack situations that require you to defend yourself.

The main skills in this program are learning defensive/offensive maneuvers against real-life situations that involve quick random attacks. These hostile situations will be continually simulated during practice. Training includes workout sessions to increase strength and defensive “instincts.” Basic contact is required.

This is a beginner/entry level course – men and women, adults or youths, are encouraged to apply. KravZone is well connected with WKM – Wingate Krav Maga,  Israel’s National Center for Physical Education and Sports. Shlomi Katz is the WKM formal rep and chief instructor in United States. The classes are very varied; you practice techniques from any possible angle; with a partner, on punching bags, with pads, in a group, in simulations and in advanced Krav Maga classes also controlled sparring.

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