Kids – Krav

The KravZone kids program is one of most practical systems to teach kids self-defense and anti-bullying abilities along with developing personal qualities such as focus and discipline. The foundations of KidsKrav are Krav Maga, karate and Jiu Jitsu. The kids program is a unique training program specifically designed using both Kkarate and Krav Maga styles and theories. Training includes systematic exercises and maneuvers to improve a child’s mental and physical abilities. With Karate, students will learn discipline, focus and strength, while Krav Maga complements the training with a practical and realistic dimension. The goal of this program is children’s self-development through martial arts.

Kids – Kravfit

Kids’ KravFit – fitness and workout can be fun!! The Kids KravFit mission statement is to improve kids’ fitness and health, self-esteem, and social skills by enjoyable, dynamic, and interesting workouts. KravZone’s professional instructors have vast experience and the right approach with kids. We know how to move kids away from their PlayStations, iPads or TVs and motivate them to work hard and have fun while doing so. We make it interesting, we challenge them, we speak their language, and we create positive and fun interactions with other students.

Krav & Cub (Parent & Child)

In this program, both parent and child will learn basic Krav Maga skills and theory. Training includes workout sessions to learn basic maneuvers. Light contact is required. Parents will partner and train directly with their child during practice sessions. Similar to the kids’ program, the main goal is to help the self-development of children while allowing parents to be an active part of that growth. This program offers a great way for parents to bond with their children by finding some common ground, enjoying precious one-one-one time, and developing a healthy interest/hobby together

Teen Programs

KravZone’s teen classes programs are designed for young adults and tailored to their unique physical changes. In Krav Teens, we teach all ranges of the fight in order to build well-rounded fighters: Mixed self-defense with combat sports, stand up and ground work.

There are some classes that teens can join the adults classe, in these classes we focus on single range, kickboxing, and grappling.

The teen girls Krav Maga class is for girls age 13 and up, and focuses on self-defense skills. Girls learn to defend themselves in variety of hostile situations and practice the most common attacks on women where the attacker is usually stronger.

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