Careers and Instructors Program

We are always looking for passionate martial artists with the potential to be great instructors. KravZone’s instructors program is an intensive professional program whose goal is to train high-level students into becoming martial art and Krav Maga instructors. The program includes two-hour weekly classes with various level KravZone instructors, a personal customized training plan, gaining practical teaching experience as an assistant instructor at KravZone and professionally train with KravZone’s leading team. The instructors program is a six-month program tailored to fit each student’s individual level and development. KravZone will offer scholarships for excelling students with outstanding achievements that also intend on teaching at KravZone and join our professional team.

Candidate Requirements

Krav Maga blue belt and above or black belt in Synergic Martial Art (Karate , Japanese Jiu Jitzu…) or at least four years training practice in MMA


  • Great communication and interpersonal skills
  • Teaching passion
  • Ability to include teaching into candidate’s daily schedule and lifestyle

Program Application Process

  • Apply and submit your request on this page
  • Participate in a professional KravZone class
  • Attend an interview with a senior KravZone instructor
  • Participate in a two weeks trial training program
  • Upon application approval, candidate will join the future instructor team and start the instructor course program.
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