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Welcome to KravZone Martial Arts Academy, specializing in Krav Maga, MMA and Fitness

New Krav Maga Classes in Menlo Park – For Kids, Teens and Adults. 

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Kravzone was founded by Shlomi Katz, former Head of Combat Training in the LOTAR (Israeli Counter Terror Unit). Our instructors have trained elite forces and hold decades of experience in training and teaching. Our programs are designed for adults, kids and corporate workshops.

What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga, the most practical Self-Defense system was developed by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) as an extremely practical and efficient way to defend and counter attack. Krav Maga combines various forms of fighting techniques and creates a practical street fighting style, that builds mental and physical aspects of a person’s self defense mechanism. Due to its efficiency in handling real-world situations, it has been globally adopted by many law enforcement agencies and gained popularity amongst civilians in recent years.


Corporate Workshops

KravZone is located in the bay area, and our trainers have been training tech teams teams from tech startups, corporations, security teams, city halls and other.…

Krav Maga

In this class you will learn self-defense and practical street fighting skills, and you will be able to protect yourself in any real-world street-fighting situation.

LOTAR Krav Maga

In this class you will train the same way special forces train in Krav Maga and learn their unique hand-to-hand combat methods.
KravFit program @KravZone


The KravFit system is based on drills from the fighting and military worlds. A fight requires a high level of athletic performance.


This class focuses on standup striking using punches, kicks, knees and elbows. You will learn tactics and techniques to master long, close, and clinch ranges.
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BJJ / Grappling

Solid standup fighting skills are great, but what happens if the fight goes to the ground? This class focuses on ground sparring, emphasizing ground movements, gaining…

Kids – Krav

The KravZone kids program is one of most practical systems to teach kids self-defense and anti-bullying abilities along with developing personal qualities such as focus and…

Krav & Cub (Parent & Child)

In this program, both parent and child will learn basic Krav Maga skills and theory. Training includes workout sessions to learn basic maneuvers. Light contact is…

Kids KravFit

Kids’ KravFit – fitness and workout can be fun!! The Kids KravFit mission statement is to improve kids’ fitness and health, self-esteem, and social skills by…

Krav Teens

KravZone’s teen classes programs are designed for young adults and tailored to their unique physical changes. In Krav Teens, we teach all ranges of the fight…


TACFIT® fitness system designed to provide fast recovery from exercise intensity. TACFIT helps anyone access their innate fitness potential, by restoring their function in reality-based, practical…

KravZone Instructors

Shlomi was the head of Krav Maga and hand-to-hand combat at the Lotar – the IDF’s counter terror unit. Tomer was an IDF special forces instructor. We are experts in taking ordinary people and make them fighters within a few months.

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KravZone Methods

Along with Krav Maga, we bring training methods that allow our students to experience more dynamic sparring in very safe and supportive manner. We train to face not just any street attacker but also any type of fighter.

Our Community

Our goal is to make our community stronger and healthier. We believe in hard work, but also in friendship and teamwork! We train together with no ego or competition and we celebrate together. You will gain good friends that also help each other in other aspects of life.

Based on 57 Reviews
Atirath K.
Atirath K.
2018-01-20 13:36:27
I have been coming here for four and a half years. I don't think I knew what real self defense was before I came here. Shlomi and Tomer, the two main...
Sandy C.
Sandy C.
2017-06-22 00:03:06
Working out in the gym or doing a crossfit training is all good, but having a good skill in self defense is far better and useful to have. I google...
Aram A.
Aram A.
2017-10-26 19:22:42
This place is amazing! I'm so sad that I had to discontinue my membership due to my work. Almost all instructors are great and know how to teach each level...


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